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This was our first experience with the college admissions process. From the beginning, all members of the team were highly professional and provided a "calm during the storm" in the college application season. The team has different people who specialize in different parts of the process. In the beginning, we got detailed reports about a few specific colleges that were on our list. We then got a specialized list of colleges that would likely be in our target out of pocket budget. This was all very helpful in the application process. Once our daughter’s acceptances started to come in, a team member worked with us almost daily as the award packages came in to guide us through the appeals process. Once we finally decided to appeal to our number one choice, they wrote a draft of the appeal letter for us. This was invaluable! Our daughter had already received a very generous grant/merit award from the university, and we still got $3000 extra upon appeal. 


Our family sends heartfelt thanks to the team.  Our family is thrilled that she will be attending college with a very small student loan. We could not have done this without the help of the team. 


A New Jersey Family

Working with the team has been extremely helpful. They helped us narrow down our college list and saved us a tremendous amount of time on the application process. Once our desired college was chosen, they were instrumental helping us negotiate the final offer. Investing in their services will save you time and increase your confidence in your decision making. 


An Illinois Father

I attended a free webinar offered through my local library.  The information was comprehensive and, honestly, overwhelming.  But the facilitators already know this. That’s why I took them up on their offer for a free 1:1 consultation. I believed this offer would help me make sense of the many layers to planning for my daughter’s college education and tuition. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie and understanding that they displayed in our session.  But that’s not the best part.  After they listened to my (unique) fears and anxieties about college for my daughter, he offered me a specific and spot-on strategy.  Not only did that strategy relieve my fears, but it also turns out it will make me look like a supermom in the eyes of my daughter!  I more than highly recommend Pathways to any parent who worries like I did about their child’s college future. 


A Pennsylvania Mother