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Pathways, Planning & Insights offers micro-modules for every part of the searching, planning, applying, and paying for college or career preparation.  Our modules address every element of the academic, personal and financial issues that ensure the best fit for your student and the highest likelihood of success. 

Stackable.  Focused.  Affordable.

No $7k+ consulting services that ignore financial issues.  No stressful DIYing the applications hoping you haven’t overlooked some key part of the process.  Now we can work together to build precisely the right combination of planning services that ensures the right fit, the right options, and the right path to young adulthood.

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Financial aid services

Creating your College Funding Game Plan

Up until now, students and families have been forced to hope that the financial awards they receive from colleges meet their budget. Choosing your Financial Fit, our innovative new service, allows you to set your college budget and then learn what schools meet that budget so you apply only to ones that fit your price range.

Take control of your college search and choose your financial fit.

FAFSA and CSS Profile Filing Support

We advise you while you fill out and submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile.  Helps you get organized efficiently while making sure the filing is correct.  Plus you get some tips on lowering your Expected Family Contribution to potentially win more financial aid.

Note: this service is principally for students needing to file the more complex CSS Profile.  If you have a simple FAFSA filing you need help with, contact us about a cheaper hourly option.  We'll be happy to help.

Appealing a Financial Aid Award Offer

Colleges and universities regularly increase their financial aid offer to lower the actual price a family pays.  But they won’t do that unless a family “appeals” for more financial aid.  We use our skills and data to advise you on this process.

(This module is included with the purchase of any other module or package.  Existing clients work with us on a contingency basis and are only charged if the appeal is successful at the school the client chooses to attend.  No net cost to the client.)

Academic, applications and career services

College searches today are pretty complicated, with a lot of moving pieces to keep track of and important questions to be considered.  Thoughtfully plan the components of a successful college application – academics, extracurriculars, testing, financial aid and the college application process itself – so you apply to and attend the right school.  Recommended for students in the first three years of high school.

Building a Balanced College List 

Know all your options.  Get professional assistance to narrow down the list of colleges where you apply.  The final list is collaboratively developed to fit your academic and personal goals and includes a balanced ratio of schools – safety, match and reach – to make sure you have choices as the admissions letters roll in.  One of our most popular modules.

Completing College Applications

The college application process can be complex and overwhelming for high school seniors who are already busy with a wide range of other commitments.  This module helps students make sure that they complete all the parts of the various college applications and meet all the different deadlines while keeping the quality high.  Recommended for seniors and rising seniors.

Writing the College Essay

The more selective colleges require several essays as a key part of their applications.  In addition, sometimes a student's writing - either in their essay or in the longer answers to application questions - can make the difference in admission decision.  This module helps students produce the best possible application essays and writing, for individual colleges and the Common App, and helps them think more carefully about how they express themselves throughout their applications.

Focusing your Future

Many students don’t know what career path to pursue, posing challenges in selecting a college or advanced training program. This module helps them learn about themselves and explore potential careers by better understanding their personality, interests, values, and skills - essentially, “what makes them tick.” With constant change being a permanent feature of today’s workplace, this module provides students with a valuable process to apply throughout life.

Finding and Winning Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are a good way of reducing college costs.  But many scholarships aren’t advertised -- so they can be difficult to find.  This service helps you find, apply to and win scholarships and also provides assistance with avoiding having your college of choice offset the scholarship with reduced financial aid.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Test prep services typically take months and cost thousands of dollars.  Pathways Planning & Insights has designed this module to provide students with an affordable and focused introduction to testing — everything from whether the SAT or ACT is best for them to testing tips to subject matter review — as a supplement for their own individual study or a foundation for further work with a tutor.

We offer discounts on bundles of services and also work with students and families on an hourly basis, so please reach out and ask us if you have a special need.  

If you've purchased a service directly through the website, we will be in touch at the email used for the payment or you can email us about starting here.